The Lone Ume Tree The Lone Ume Tree

INTRODUCTION: A heartwarming story with a touch of humor about an elderly mother who is living with her son with autism. The film focuses on problems such as prejudice and discrimination, but at the same time, depicts the unbreakable bond between the two and their hope to co-exist within the community. Tamako is played by Mariko Kaga ( 加賀まりこ), her first starring role in 55 years. She is globally known for her performance in “MUDDY RIVER” which was nominated for the 54th Academy Awards Best Foreign Language Film. Tadao is played by Muga Tsukaji ( 塚地武雅), the winner of Newcomer of the Year Award at Japan Academy Film Prize with “The Mamiya Brothers” in 2006.

STORY: An old house stands amongst newly built buildings, as if it has been left behind. Tamako, a popular fortune teller, has been living there alone with her son, Tadao for years. Because he has intellectual disability and autism, their neighbors often complain about his unpredictable behaviors. One day, Tamako is informed that a room is available in a group home owned by a company that runs the community workshop Tadao works at. Residents there all have intellectual disability but are living together to be independent from their families. Tamako decides to let Tadao move into the group home, but the sudden change of environment confuses him.