INTRODUCTION: Director Mitsuo Kurotsuchi saw his home sink halfway into the mud from liquefaction following the earthquake and tsunami that struck northern Japan in 2011, and as a result, had to move in with a sibling living in Toyota City in Aichi Prefecture. There, in the hometown of global au to manufacturer, Toyota Motor Company and cradle of the Japanese “manufacturing spirit”, Kurotsuchi was inspired to make a movie that pays tribute to the hope and kindness he received from the community, gathering a stellar cast that share his feelings, in cluding veteran Japanese Academy Award winning actor, Nenji Kobayashi ( Railroad Man ’99), Mitsu Dan Be My Slave , ’12& Sekigahara ’17) and Reiko Takashima Yakuza Apocalypse ’

STORY: Yusaku Shimada is an elderly widower living in the hills making tofu that is imbued with the hand-crafted spirit and enjoys a widespread reputation for singular quality and taste. One day, a young boy said to be a distant relative is brought to live with him after having lost his entire family in the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. The tragedy has left the young boy deeply traumatized and shut off from the world. He and the quiet old tofu maker embark upon a life together set against the natural beauty and townscapes around Toyota city.