Four piece rock band “JoKers” was formed around two Joe ’s, Joe Kaeda and Joe Koduki But for some reason, the band split up when they were at the height of their popularity.
One year la ter, Joe Koduki (Ryosuke makes his debut as an artist in the States,
while the other Joe, Joe Kaeda (Shodai Fukuyama) has given up his music career and is
living a plain life as a college student. The other two band members Harunobu (Ryota
Kobayashi) and Subar u(Kaito Kumagai) Kumagai), yearning to create music again with Joe Kaeda ,
bring together three high school girls to form an all girls band DROP DOLL . W ith help
from Teruo (Masah iko Nishimura), a café owner, they ask Joe Kaeda to coach the band.
Will the girls bring back Joe ’s passion towards musi c? And what was the reason for JoKers’
break up?