Hotel Royal Hotel Royal

STORY:  Masayo is the only daughter of a family who owns Hotel Royal, a love hotel in Hokkaido, overlooking the Kushiro Marshland. Failing her entrance exam for art school, she reluctantly starts to help out her family business, while having secret crush on Miyagawa, the sex toy salesman. Customers who come to the hotel are those who need to escape from reality and take a break from their suffocating everyday life. One couple uses the room to take nude photos, another couple stops by to get away from their children and elderly mother. There is also a high school girl and her teacher who have been betrayed by their loved ones. One day, Masayo must deal with double suicide that takes place in the hotel. And to make matters worse, her father Daikichi suddenly falls ill. Now the owner of the hotel, Masayo needs to make a decision – a decision that will decide her faith with Miyagawa and her family. And one that will help her take a huge step into the future.