It’s a Summer Film! It’s a Summer Film!

INTRODUCTION: An original film by acclaimed writer Naoyuki Miura of theater troupe Lolo, and visual director Soushi Matsumoto.
This story about three high-school girls obsessed with Japanese period dramas like those of Akira Kurosawa or Masahiro Makino, a mysterious young boy Rintaro, and a group of humorous characters, reveal fresh yet somewhat nostalgic world of screenwriter Miura. Marika Ito also shows an extremely strong performance making her screen debut as the lead role.

STORY: Barefoot (Marika Ito) is a high-school girl who adores samurai movies and Japanese costume drama. But she doesn’t stand a chance of making samurai movies at the film club in her school, as the other members prefer romantic dramas. One day Barefoot meets Rintaro (Daichi Kaneko), who is an ideal actor for the lead samurai role in her movie. And so Barefoot and her two best friends, Kickboard (Yuumi Kawai) and Blue Hawaii (Kilala Inori), decide to make a samurai movie, gathering unique cast and crew, and try to screen it at their school festival. However during production, Barefoot finds out that Rintaro is a time-traveler from the future!