INTRODUCTION:This is the story of the restaurant run by Mitsuo Tani, 67, who is said to be the world’s best whale taisho(chef) His restaurant “Ichinoya” is located in a badement in Kanda, Tokyo. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary restaurant, but he can cook anything using whale and is admired and respected by whale restaurants all over Japan. Leading international media including Cnn and Bcc have stories on Tani’s restaurant.

STORY:The film also featues leading international leaders and experts in various fields discussing whale food.
“Whale Restaurant” in not only a fascinating culinary experience, but it also touches on environmental issues and addresses the balance of protein sources, deforestation, and today’s vegan boom from a scientific viewpoint. Global warming, fossil fuels, and carbon dioxide are our common global issues. This film is a record of the testimonies of Tani, who could care less about international conferences that determine the rules of natural resources, and key figures involved international conferences.