This film is based on Akihiko Toda’s highly acclaimed stage play, which won Best Screenplay at Sun Mall Studio Awards in 2015. The film features Hana Sugisaki, one of the most talented young actors of her generation, vividly portraying a mysterious woman named Ichiko Kawabe – a femme fatale and an unfathomable woman.


Ichiko Kawabe suddenly disappeared the day after her boyfriend, Yoshinori Hasegawa, proposes to her. As Hasegawa tracks down her whereabouts and obtains testimony from people who had been involved with Ichiko, her unfathomable past and the sad but shocking truth emerge one after another – the harsh fate that Ichiko had to bear. She had changed her name, lied about her age, and lived hiding from the society. Why did she have to lead such a life? What was Ichiko seeking for in exchange of her happy future?