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Heartwarming movie starring popular actor Kentaro Sakaguchi (坂口健太郎)
STORY: Miyama (Kentaro Sakaguchi) is a bodyworker, who has the ability to see and feel spirits. He lives a peaceful life with his girlfriend Shiori (Mikako Ichikawa) and her daughter Mimi, and spirit of a man who has been following him for a while. One day he sees a musician on TV that looks exactly like the spirit. It turns out that he is Kusaka, a junior from highschool who looked up to Miyama. He’s now going out with Miyama’s ex-girlfriend, Riko (Asuka Saito) and making music borrowing poems Miyama wrote for Riko back then. Riko is the past Miyama had abandoned and he disappeared from her life due to a certain incident. But now, Kusaka wants to give back Riko to him… Second feature by director Chihiro Ito, produced by Isao Yukisada.