This is a story of an ally of justice organization and a combatant of an evil force who fall in forbidden love.

Leader of justice heroes & evil society executive in forbidden love!?

Fudou Aikawa is the leader of a hero squadron “Gerato 5”, aiming for world peace. And Desumi Magahara is the leader of a secret society “Gecko” aiming to conquer the world… The two find deep “connection” that surpasses the walls between them!
What will happen to their love and the world…!? A fierce battle rises as the two share their happiness at the same time.
This is the story of a hero of justice and an evil combatant who manages to flirt with the world!

Rom-Com is one of the most popular anime genre, as seen in recent hits like “The Quintessential Quintuplets” and “Kaguya-sama: Love is War.”
And now we have leader of sentai heroes and evil queen in forbidden love!?
So many great scenes you cannot miss!! From classic rom-com elements like dispute over misunderstanding and overcoming social status, to intense actions like in the sentai heroes films!!
Romance, check. Comedy, check. Action, check. And amazing characters… check!