Life in the Fast Lane Life in the Fast Lane

INTRODUCTION: Mad yet determined. Fight scenes that go beyond acting. Ryu Kohata ( 木幡竜) plays Sota, a former boxer who has nothing worth living for but to keep fighting. Ryu Kohata, a former boxer, started out as an actor in Japan and secured himself a role in “Nanjing! Nanjing!” directed by Chuan Lu in 2009. Determined to succeed in China, he left Japan, learned the language, and one year later, he was playing the villain in Andrew Lau’ s “Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen” alongside Donnie Yeh, Shu Qi, and Anthony Wong. Since then, he has starred in number of Chinese films and TV dramas. He is also in “Samurai Marathon” (2019) starring Takeru Sato, directed by Bernard Rose, and gave a passionate performance as the antagonist of Hiroki Hasegawa. Kohata is a rare Armed with experience of fighting with top-class Chinese action stars, he cut
down his weight and trained intensively to play the role of Sota. As a result, the fight scenes ‒ boxing plus martial arts ‒ are authentic and truly out of this world.
Ryu’ s performance is beyond acting and will change the conception of action movies in Japan. He literally fights for his life, bringing the audience to the The film is directed and written by Taichi Suzuki( 鈴木太一), who won four awards, including the Special Jury Prize at Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival with his debut feature, “THE BRAT!” (『くそガキの告白』 – a film based on his own circumstance

STORY: Sota Kusunoki (Ryu Kohata) is a professional boxer, who cannot win a single match and is physically wrecked after years of fighting.
However, boxing is all he has, and he clings onto it until a doctor stops him, which ends his career. After his last match, he marries his childhood friend Sachiko and starts a new life. But because he has devoted his life to boxing, he struggles to fit into the society. Sachiko tries to cheer him up, but their relationship only gets strained, developing a rift between the two. One day, a mysterious young man approaches Sota and asks him if would like to fight again. In desperation, Sota accepts the invitation, and he is taken to an underground martial arts arena where fighters compete for a large sum of money. In his first match, Sota is beaten to a pulp, unable to fight back at all. However, his instincts awaken and that feeling of excitement comes back to him.

Director’ s Biography
Born in Tokyo. After graduating from Waseda University, Suzuki studied film at the ENBU Seminar and under Tetsuo
Shinohara. In 2011, he wrote and directed his first feature “THE BRAT!” which won the Special Jury Prize, Cinegar Award, Best
Actor Award, Yubari Fantaland Award at Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. Since then, he has worked on TV dramas
and short movies as a screenwriter and director.