INTRODUCTION: Yakuza action film directed by Tatsushi Omori of “The Ravine of Goodbye” and “Seto and Utsumi.”
Hidetoshi Nishijima from “Drive My Car” plays former yakuza Anzai, with top actors as supporting roles, including Nao Omori,
Tomokazu Miura, Takumi Saito, Eiji Okuda, and Shingo Tsurumi. Also, Hio Miyazawa and Tina Tamashiro play young rebels who
hunt down the yakuza for revenge.

STORY: Somewhere in current Japan. A car passes by in a middle of a night, blasting “What is This?” by Bobby Womack on its
stereo. In the passenger seat is Mikiya Anzai (Age 48), a former yakuza executive with a gun in his hand. The driver is Koichiro
Mutoh (Age 43), an illegal taxi driver on the verge of bankruptcy. In the backseat are Shigeru Hamada (Age 68) a physical laborer, Masaharu Hagiwara (Age 36), a freelance assassin, and Miru Sakaguchi (Age 19), an independent hooker.
The five are headed to a love hotel used by the Sugiyama Clan for money laundering. The front desk clerk, Daiki Yano (Age 24)
had given them information about their big scheme and the five succeed in robbing them blind. After splitting the money, they
each go their own ways – Anzai tries to rebuild his relationship with his wife and daughter, Mutoh and Miru join Masaharu who
tries to make some more money, Daiki starts to feel sympathy towards Miru, and Hamada is plotting a revenge against a huge
power. Meanwhile, Sugiyama Clan, furious and humiliated by this fiasco, hires a detective, Hachiya (Age 42) and start to hunt each one down, slowly creeping up on them.
A merciless struggle among those being used and not being accepted, trying to escape and destruct a society that is stagnated
and unequal.