Love is Light Love is Light

INTRODUCTION: What is love? A philosophical love story that makes you want to talk about it with someone. Fuju Kamio( 神尾楓珠) plays a university student who “can see women in love with a glow.” And Nanase Nishino(西野七瀬) plays his childhood friend who is in love with him. Together with their classmates (Yuna Taira 平祐奈and Fumika Baba 馬場ふみか), they explore the definition of love.
The comic book “Koi wa Hikari” by Aki★Eda( 秋★枝) will be made into a movie under the director Keiichi Kobayashi. Fuju Kamio will play the lead role, and Nanase Nishino will play, childhood friend and college classmate as the heroine in a  nationwide roadshow in 2022.

The story depicts first love of Saijo, a university student who has the ability to see special glow around women who are in love. As the story unfolds, Saijo along with his three classmates, start to wonder the definition of love, which the fans of the original comic book sympathized greatly with. Saijo is played by Fuju Kamio, one of the most up and coming actors his age and has starred in four films in 2021 – “Suicide Forest Village (「樹海村」2021)” , “Ura Aka: L’ Aventure (「裏アカ」2020)” and “What
She Likes…(「彼女の好きなものは」2021) Kitashiro, Saijo’ s childhood friend is played by Nanase Nishino, is also a promising actress, who has been in three films including “Your Turn to Kill” (「あなたの番です」2021) and three TV dramas just in one year. Co-starring as their classmates are Yuna Taira and Fumika Baba, who can also be seen in number of films and TV dramas. Yuna plays Shinonome, who seeks to define love with Saijo. Fumika plays Yadorigi, who has the habit of falling in love with somebody else’ s man. Writer and director of the film is Keiichi Kobayashi, who is known for capturing teenage love stories with precision. His past works include “Momoiro Sora Wo (「ももいろそらを」2012)” and “He Won’ t Kill, She Won’ t Die (「殺さない彼と死なない彼女」2019).”

STORY: “I want to know what love is…”
Saijo (Fuju Kamio) has an ability to see special glow around women who are in love. Kitashiro (Nanase Nishino), his childhood friend, the only person that knows about his ability, has had a crush on him most of her life, but Saijo tells her that she doesn’ t emit light around him which leaves her at a loss. Meanwhile, their classmate Yadorigi (Fumika Baba), who has a habit of liking guys belonging to other women, mistakes Saijo as Kitashiro’ s boyfriend and makes a move on him.
One day, Saijo accidentally sees a notebook that belongs to Shinonome (Yuna Taira), a girl who is trying to explore the meaning of love. They start an exchange diary to discuss the topic, but Kitashiro feels uncomfortable watching them deepen their relationship. And when Yadorigi sees this, she decides that she too wants to start an exchange diary with them.