The Blue Skies at Your Feet The Blue Skies at Your Feet

INTRODUCTION: The main character, Miyu Mizuno, is played by Riko Fukumoto( 福本莉子), who made her acting debut after winning the Grand Prix and the Shueisha Seventeen Award at the Toho Cinderella Audition, and attracted attention when she starred in “Love me, Love Me Not” (20) with Minami Hamabe. In this new title, she gives a fresh performance as an honest, hard-working, life-sized teenager who you can’t help but root for. Shuya Shinohara is played by Genta Matsuda ( 松田元太), a member of “Travis Japan” unit of Johnny’s Jr.. He was ranked second in ViVi fashion magazine’s “The Most Handsome Man in the Next Generation”. Genta plays a high school student, who loves soccer and is popular among his peers, but is somewhat
clumsy when it comes to Miyu. The director, Yuki Saito studied film in Hollywood and has received high praises at film festivals around the world. In his new film, he carefully depicts the delicate emotions of the two protagonists. He has directed several episodes of “Ossan’ s Love” (TV series) in 2018, which was a smash hit in Japan.The original novel “Kimi Ga Otoshita Aozora”『 君が落とした青空』(by Iiyo Sakura, Starts Publishing), won the “Tear-Jarker Novel Ranking” Grand Prix held by “No Ichigo Reading”, a reading app used by one out of every five junior and senior high school girls in Japan. The book has sold 160,000 copies since 2015.

STORY: Miyu and Shuya are high school students who have been dating for two years. One day, Shuya suddenly cancels their regular movie date due to an urgent matter. Miyu feels uneasy but Shunya contacts her later that day, saying that he wants to talk to her. However, at the meeting place, Shunya gets hit by a car, right in front of her eyes. Miyu in shock, loses consciousness and when she wakes up, she learns that it’ s the morning of the same day. Miyu is determined to save Shunya this time, but as the day repeats over and over again, she learns the truth he’ s been hiding from her… Will Miyu be able to save Shunya?